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#JusticeForTshego: 8 months pregnant Tshego Koke Brutally Murdered & her body disposed off out in the veld by her killers



Justice for Tshego Floods Twitter!! –  Another  South African young lady Tshego Koke has been brutally killed by an unknown persons. The news of  her death is currently trending on social media as Tweeps are seeking justice for her killers.

The victim Tshego Koke as reported went missing since last week until she was found dead.

According to her family member Daddy Wa Pano who reported the whole incident on Twitter said that the Poor Tshego went missing since the 4th of June, she was found brutally murdered… She was 8 months pregnant. “Until when must we live in fear” her family said

Tshego’s death news came immediately another victim of brutal killing, Naledi died in the same circumstance, She was  brutally murdered by boyfriend.

In her case,  Naledi Phangindawo was allegedly murdered by her boyfriend, Mlondolozi after she parted ways with him.

Mlondolozi Ntlangulea who initially took to his heels after committing the devilish act has since turn himself over to the police.

As expected Tweeps has started flooding their condolence and regrets to the victims family saying that their deaths was unfortunate and as well called upon the security and government authorities to make sure that their killers get the full wrought of law.

From A Twitter User with name TroubleGal:

“I really can’t believe we are back to being murdered again, not only is it heartbreaking it’s also shocking, how the same person who said he loves you can end up killing you just like that!!!!!”

From Another Twitter User Pauline O’shabba:

“With everything that’s happening in the world some how we are still reminded of how vulnerable women and children are in this country. Today we mourn not one but two young women”

From FreedomofAssoiation:

“The ups and downs of raising your daughter, only for her to be taken away brutally. The pain of not seeing her blossom and make her mark in the world. Wishing those close to her strength to go through this pain. Stop killing our daughters!”

From Nairobi:

“This is too sad They couldn’t even have mercy on her seeing she was heavily pregnant May her killers know no peace . My deepest condolences to you , your family & everyone affected by her passing ”

From Mampinga:

” She did not give up without a fight, she fought tirelessly and pleaded for both her and her unborn child’s life yet the MF still saw it fit to take what was precious to her, her life and her baby. I’m gutted”

From RawyelPholobz:

“Honestly what can we do as men ? How do we put an end to this murderous streak ? We speak/tweet about this everytime this happens and nothing changes ..we basically have to wait for another #justiceforNaledi #JusticeForTshego to just tweet all over again ..what can we do ladies?”


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