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A man broke into his vehicle and shot a protester during a peaceful protest in Seattle



Seattle peaceful protest turns bloody after a man broke into his vehicle in the middle of a peaceful protest, shot a protester and fled on foot with his gun into the crowd

It happened in Seattle. The subject advanced with his car until he was stopped by the participants of the march. A man was injured in the arm while trying to stop him,

One person was shot and wounded when a gunman stormed his vehicle at an anti-racism demonstration in the northwestern city ​​of Seattle on Sunday.

The car was approaching the crowd at considerable speed, causing screams of horror among those present. Some tried to stop the vehicle and threw objects at him. However, one of the protesters who reached the driver’s door was shot, which kept other people trying to get closer.

The recording broadcast on local television Q13Fox showed a man with a gun coming out of the vehicle near a police station, a few meters from the main concentration .

The man decided to flee precisely through that area, and walked towards the protesting people to disappear into the crowd. With the weapon in hand, no protester responded violently.

Subsequently, the police explained in a message broadcast on the social network Twitter that they had detained the suspect and recovered the weapon.

For their part, firefighters reported that the 27-year-old wounded man received a bullet to the arm and was transported to the hospital, where he remains stable. Furthermore, they believe that there were no other victims.

” I caught up with him, hit him in the face and heard a shot. It was on my arm, I moved just in time. My only intention was to protect these people, ”he said as he was evacuated by paramedics and cheered by the crowd, according to a video by reporter Alex Garland.

The demonstration was part of protests across the United States following the death on May 25 of George Floyd, a black man who died of suffocation after being pinned to the ground by police during his brutal arrest.

Demonstrations in solidarity with the victim have become a much larger protest movement demanding police reform and greater social justice.

(With information from AFP)

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