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22 Year Old Eric Salgado Shot & Killed, Pregnant Girlfriend Wounded



22 year old Eric Salgado from East Oakland was shot and killed. According to sources Eric Salgado was shot and killed by California Highway Patrol officers.

Police also confirmed that Eric was shot and killed while his pregnant girlfriend was injured in the shooting. The incident occured on Saturday around 10:45 p.m.

Speaking to KTVU, a source said that Salgado was behind the wheel of a stolen red 2018 Dodge Challenger, one of 74 cars stolen from San Leandro Dodge.

Officers also shot and wounded Salgado’s pregnant girlfriend, who was taken to a hospital, where she was listed in stable condition.

In total, officers with the CHP fired more than 40 shots from assault rifles.

The Oakland Police Department has not released the names or other information about the people who were shot. No details of the shooting were released.

The Oakland police says California Highway Patrol officers were conducting a criminal investigation when the shooting occurred.

Another source stated that Eric was shot 40 times, “Last night the police in Oakland MURDERED one of my former students, one of my babies. They shot him 40 times. I don’t have words yet, except: fuck the police. & if you are a teacher and you aren’t saying it too, aren’t fighting with us-then you ain’t shit.”, the source said.

A Facebook user identified as George Galvis who also expalined what happene wrote “Yesterday evening CHP killed 22 year old Eric Salgado and shot his pregnant girlfriend during a routine traffic stop on the 9600 block of Cherry Street. They were both unarmed. He was the childhood friend of our young CURYJ Staff. We are supporting the youth from Arise High School and APTP who have been in communication with the school 1800 98th Ave, Oakland, CA 94603.”

Asking for all prayers warriors and danzantes to please come through to help us bless the space.”

Below is the video of the aftermath of the shooting with police officers giving Salgado first aid.

A crowd of a couple hundred chant #defundOPD and #abolishthepolice in the wake of another police murder, rise in power Eric Salgado

OAKLAND: Emergency Response Protest & March, MONDAY, June 8 @ 1pm (at Elmhurst Middle School) against the California Highway Patrol’s murder of Eric Salgado, the 23 yr old young man executed by the cops in East Oakland. CHP shot him dead & shot his pregnant girlfriend.

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