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Mexico City Attorney General decides to carry out arrest warrants against police officer who allegedly assaulted a minor in the CDMX



  • Attorney General has issued an arrest warrants against police officer who allegedly involved in assaulting a  minor in CDMX during protest


The Mexico City Attorney General’s Office on Sunday 7 June 2020 reported that, a result of the investigations carried out after the attacks against a minor perpetrated by capital police officers, the Public Ministry requested the respective arrest warrants against two public servants.

Through a statement published on its official website this Saturday, June 6, 2020, the CDMX Prosecutor’s Office revealed that these arrest warrants had already been completed by agents of the Investigative Police (PDI).

The authorities revealed that their investigation indicated that after monitoring on social networks, two elements of the Ministry of Citizen Security (SSC) were identified “by their managers by the type of uniforms they wore, the vests they wore and their respective complexions.”

“Both agents were placed at the disposal of the Central Strategic Investigation Prosecutor’s Office as presented while the agent of the Public Ministry collected enough evidence data to request a control judge for judicial orders,” they indicated.

It is expected that in the next few hours a hearing will be held to complete the arrest warrant , where the judge will define the legal situation of the alleged participants in the assaults of a minor during the protests in Polanco, Mexico City.

“The persons mentioned in this communication are presumed innocent and will be treated as such at all stages of the procedure, as long as their responsibility is not declared by means of a sentence issued by the court, in the terms indicated in the National Code of Criminal Procedures ” They finished.

The Attorney General’s Office also reiterated its position not to tolerate any type of abuse committed by public servants; otherwise, they indicated, they will seek to be implacable so that the full weight of the law is applied against those who are responsible.

Later, he published on his official Twitter a couple of formal requests to get to the bottom of the attacks on a minor, identified as Melanie, who suffered the police abuse of several agents who kicked her face while lying helpless on the floor.

The case was disclosed through social networks, where people shared a fragment of the live broadcast of the Peace Marabunta Humanitarian Brigade that shows the attacks when the protesters moved to Casa Jalisco in the vicinity of Polanco.

Melanie’s mother assured in an interview with Grupo Fórmula that her daughter was discharged and does not show any sequels to the kicks she received. In addition, he assured that he will seek ways to proceed legally against the agents who are responsible.

After the altercations and the multiple publications demanding investigations and justice around the case of the minor who was beaten by agents, Sheinbaum assured that his order was not to fall into provocations , which, he said, were not fully carried out.

In addition, the capital’s president revealed that she kept in direct contact with the victim’s relatives to provide them with all the support they require.

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