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Meet Shaila Dewan



Who Is Shaila Dewan?

Name Shaila Dewan
Career Journalist
Country United States
Education Rice University

Shaila Dewan Biography

Shaila Dewan is the National Criminal Justice Editor for the New York Times. She is also the National Correspondent at The New York Times and Journalist at The New York Times Company.

Shaila is from Houston, in 1993, Shaila Dewan graduated from the Rice University afterwards same year began her career at the Houston Press, an investigative weekly.

She joined the Times in 2000 and has covered a variety of beats including the NYPD, the South and the economy, always with a special affinity for criminal justice issues.

In the South, she wrote about all-white juries and prosecutors who refused to accept evidence of innocence, as well as civil rights-era cold cases and efforts to restore voting rights to those convicted of crimes.

As a BizDay reporter, she wrote in depth about the case of Shanesha Taylor, charged with child abuse for leaving her children in a car while interviewing for a job.

After Ferguson, she wrote a series of articles focusing on the vastly damaging effects of even low-level involvement with the criminal justice system, particularly for poor people, and an investigative project on a pay-to-play scheme known as pretrial diversion.

Shaila Dewan Wedding

Shaila Kumari Dewan is happily married to Alexander Kvares. They got married Saturday, June 2009 evening at the Reynolds Mansion on Sapelo Island in Georgia. Lisa D’Amour, a Universal Life minister, officiated.

Shaila Dewan’s husband 42 years of age is an artist whose work has appeared in the Romo Gallery in Atlanta. He graduated from the University of Kansas and has a Master of Fine Arts in printmaking from the University of Texas.

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