• A surfer from Tugun dies after he was attacked by a 10 foot white shark surfer off the coast of northern New South Wales state on Sunday


The 60-year-old surfer  from Tugun  was attacked and killed by a 3-meter (10-foot) great white shark off the coast of northern New South Wales state on Sunday, officials said.

The man unfrtunatly died few hours after receiving a bite to the back of his thigh and was brought to the shore by other surfers who had fought off the shark, a surf rescue group, Surf Life Saving NSW, said in a statement.

The victim, received first aid on the shore but died on the beach, authorities revealed.

“A shark biologist assessed photographs and confirmed a white shark was responsible for the fatal attack,” the state’s Department of Primary Industries said.

“When you get a call to attend a shark attack, you never really know the full extent of the damage until you get on scene,” he said. “They did everything they could to try and save his life, but despite their best efforts, were unable to do so.” New South West Ambulance Inspector Terence Savage commented after saying the attack was dreadful.