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This is why Trending 1, ‘Keke is not a doll’ was removed on YouTube



  • Trending 1, ‘Keke is not a doll’ on YouTube Takedown because of this


  • Why Trending 1 Was takedown on Youtube

Indonesia – Some time ago, selmgram Rahmawati Kekeyi Putri Cantika released their first single titled ‘Keke not Dolls’. Not unexpectedly, now the video has a tragic fate. Because, on YouTube takedown after scooping more than 18 million views and trending no.1 about 6 days.

The appearance of the song Kekeyi successfully seized the attention. The song that was allegedly told about Kekeyi’s experience was used by Rio, his former lover, reaping the pros and cons. Because there is little in common with Rinni Wulandari’s song, ‘I am not a Doll’. Based on copyright regulations, Kekeyi’s song can be said to violate.

After being claimed by songwriter Rinni, June 4th 2020 Kekeyi official video takedown from YouTube with a written explanation that there is a copyright claim from Rini. The information quickly spread to social media.

Gossip account, @lambe_turah directly upload Rinni’s statement via a post on Instagram. Rinni who was attacked by bejibun netizens after knowing the disappearance of Kekeyi’s video clip, for clarification.



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According to Rinni, all decisions were not based on his power, but the previous Rinni label and songwriter, Novi Umar. Then, Rinni explain why there is the name Rinni as the party claiming Kekeyi’s copyright video.

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