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Lania Faria



Biodata & Biography Of Lania Faria

Real Name: Lania Faria or Lania Fira
Age: Born on July 26, 2001 (18 yrs)
Birthplace: Sukabumi, Indonesia
Birthday: July 26, 2001
Profession: Actress & Model
Agama or Religion: Islam


Who Is Lania Faria

Lania Fira is an Indonesian actress who began a career in acting in several FTV. Notable films Lania has acted is MAXstream’s “Journal of Terror: Afterlife” website and many others.

In this series, she played Nisaka, a painter who always listens to podcast broadcasts from Prana. She also had asked for help from this journalist in order to drive away spirits in her painting studio.

Some widescreen titles also involve the acting of this 2001 girl. In the film “Rasuk 2”, she starred in the character Nesya, a close friend of Nikita Willy’s character, Isabella.

Thanks to some of the horror films she watched and the help of the soap opera star actress “Putri exchanged”, she was able to master and play her character.

While in the film “Dignitate”, he plays the character Sabitha, one of the high school students in this film. she also collided acting with other famous actors and actresses such as Al Ghazali, Caitlin Halderman, and Sophia Latjuba.

Few Things You Need To Know About Lania Fira



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Lania Fira has a penchant for drinking a glass of coffee.

She is also talented in playing some musical instruments such as ukulele.

While Luna Maya believes that Ariel already has many lovers, Lania has another opinion that the musician Noah is friendly to anyone.

The reason why Lania likes karate exercise is because it is beneficial for strengthening body muscles, adding concentration and maintaining her beauty.

The reason for the closeness between him and singer Noah was because they both liked playing games

The actress of the Rasuk 2 movie star prefers sporty fashion such as wearing a t-shirt, jeans and a denim jacket.

To promote her two films which were screened in 2020, she was willing to put aside sher vacation plans at the end of 2019.

To promote her two films which were screened in 2020, she was willing to put aside sher vacation plans at the end of 2019.

Even though she is known as a martial artist, in her entertainment world she is always appointed to play a gentle woman. Therefore, he wanted to portray the hero to immediately show his martial arts abilities.

Lania also briefly appeared as a model in the Ariel Noah music video with the title “Kupeluk Hatimu”.

Lania Fira is a young actress who is waiting for her success. By learning many things about the world of acting, whatever role she gets can be quickly mastered.

She is also known to be good at sports and playing musical instruments. In addition to multitalented, an attractive look makes her always look attractive to portray a beautiful character like herself.

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