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Angel Lelga



Biodata & Biography Of Angel Lelga

Real Name: Angel Lelga or Lely Anggraeni
Age: Born January 1, 1985
Birthplace: Surakarta, Indonesia
Birthday: January 1, 1985
Profession: Actress
Family: Michael Jonathan and Juniarti

Who Is Angel Lelga

Her name is sticking out after his Siri marriage with King Dangdut Rhoma Irama. Angel Lelga became a singer and soap opera artist and film.

Angel Lelga or who has the full name Lely Anggraeni is a beautiful actress who is familiarly called Angel. She was born in Surakarta, January 1, 1985. Although born in Surakarta, Angel has blood of mixed descent from the Netherlands – Manado – Chinese – Kalimantan.

Angel is a convert who used to convert to Christianity. The daughter of Michael Jonathan and Juniarti,She began to embrace Islam and decided to veil after marrying her ex-husband, H Rhoma Irama.


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She also admitted at first it was not easy to become a convert because most of her extended family had different beliefs from her,but over time, her family began to accept her decision.

Her name began to be known to many people after she became the widow of the siri marriage from the dangdut music legend, Rhoma Irama. Angel reportedly married three times.

The first marriage with Rhoma Irama which lasted for 2 years in 2003-2005, the second marriage with Muhammad Rusli for one year in 2005-2006, and the last, with Anwar Hafidz for three years in 2012-2015.

Early in her career in the role of the world when she was 18 years old, played in the soap opera Ibn Sabil, where she met her co-star and also her ex-husband, Rhoma Irama.

In 2007, Angel made a single written directly by musician Pongki Barata entitled Love Without Bonds. She acknowledged that the song contained her outpouring about the relationship of her household with the King Dangdut.

In addition to playing soap operas, Angel also began playing her first widescreen horror film entitled Susuk Pocong in 2009 and the film Rintihan Kuntilanak Perawan the following year and other horror films.

In 2014, Angel Lelga tried his luck by nominating himself as a member of the DPR, but failed because she did not have many votes to support him to become a member of the board to Senayan.

Rarely appearing in front of the camera, Angel Lelga turns out to focus on business. Her business in the fashion world such as Scarf turned out to be successful not only domestically, but also abroad, such as Malaysia, Bruinei Darussalam, and also Singapore. The brand is also available in almost all malls throughout Indonesia.

After she wears the hijab, she still thinks about her fashion and fashion even though she is now closed and prioritizes the purpose of the hijab, she still wants to look trendy.

Beginning in 2018, Angel Lelga was shocked again, at the age of 33, it was reported that she wanted to marry Vicky Prasetyo, an artist from Bekasi who was also full of controversy. The widow and widower together post photos of their intimacy on their respective social media accounts.



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Parents: Michael Jonathan and Juniarti
Spouse: H Rhoma Irama (2003-2005)
Muhammad Rusli (2005-2006)
Anwar Hafidz (2012-2015)
Vicky Prasetyo (2018)


Discography of
Love Without Bonding (2007) Beautiful


Filmography of Angel Lelga

Susuk Pocong (2009)
Runtihan Kuntilanak Virgin (2010)
Embracing Ghosts of Gerondrong Widows (2011)
Romance: Gending Love in Turkish Land (2016)

Ibnu Sabil (2003)

Prahara Love on Mount Bromo (2010)

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