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This is Christian Brueckner, the new suspect in the disappearance of Maddie McCann



  • Meet Christian Brueckner, the main suspect in the disappearance of little, Madeleine McCann


  • lived in the Portuguese Algarve area between 1995 and 2007 and was near the Praia da Luz vacation home the day  the little one disappeared

Police sources indicated that the subject was near the house where the girl was last seen in Portugal. He is in prison, has an extensive criminal history and would have confessed to a friend who was involved in the case.

The new suspect who has a connection in the death and sudden disappearance of the girl Madeleine McCann was identified on Thursday as Christian Brueckner , lived in the Portuguese Algarve area between 1995 and 2007 and was near the Praia da Luz vacation home the day  the little one disappeared.

The German Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the suspect, who according to the Bild newspaper is serving a sentence in the city of Kiel (northern Germany) in a case not specified by that department.

The weekly Der Spiegel reported that Brueckner has a long criminal history , with some 17 cases, from assaults to robberies or drug-related matters .

His first trial for a sex crime was in 1994 , when he was 17 years old, when he was convicted in Bavaria for abusing a child. The last case related to minors was a process for possession of child pornography , in 2016.

The man lived and worked between 1995 and 2007 in southern Portugal, where he allegedly committed various crimes, robberies in hotels and apartments, and the rape of an elderly American woman 15 years ago. He moved in the weeks around McCann’s disappearance and returned to Germany, where he committed drug-related crimes.

For its part, the Daily Mail reported that a friend of Brueckner reported to the police that the suspect confessed to him in 2017, between drinks, “he knew what had happened” with the girl, while the televession showed a special for the 10 years of the case . In that conversation, he showed her a video of him raping a woman.

He is currently serving a sentence for a rape committed in 2005 in Portugal , the victim of which was a 72-year-old American, whom he tied, hit, sexually assaulted, and finally stole. He was not arrested and prosecuted until ten years later, following DNA tests on hair that was found at the scene. Madeleine’s disappearance, in 2007, occurred in that space of time .

Suspicions about Brueckner spread first in the United Kingdom, through Scotland Yard. The Braunschweig Prosecutor’s Office indicated that the matter is being investigated “in close collaboration” with the British Metropolitan Police and the Portuguese Judicial Police.

” We assume the girl is dead , ” Christian Wolters , spokesman for the prosecutor’s office in Braunschweig, northern Germany , said Thursday .

The three -alemana, British and Portuguesa police are now seeking witnesses to try to clarify where the suspect was the day of the disappearance of small, on May 3, 2007, between 21.10 and 22 .

Photos have also been released of two dark-colored Jaguar XJR 6 vehicles and a light-colored VW T3 Westfalia van, with which he was apparently able to kidnap the girl, according to “Bild.” There are also indications that on that day he made a call with a Portuguese mobile phone to an unknown person , also an objective of the investigation.

In May 2019, local Portuguese media reported that a German citizen, convicted of the murder of three children and dismissed as a suspect by Scotland Yard in 2011, was under investigation in connection with the “Madeleine case”.

Maddie, as Madeleine is known, disappeared from a Praia da Luz resort in the Algarve (southern Portugal), while her parents were dining with friends at a nearby restaurant. The case shocked Europe, while the parents – also investigated for a time as alleged perpetrators – began a tireless search for their daughter, convinced that she can still be alive. In recent times they have come to spread images of their daughter with what could be her current appearance, as a 17-year-old girl.

After so long, this track in Germany opens a new light. Gerry and Kate McCann “are grateful and welcome for this appeal to witnesses,” their spokesperson, Clarence Mitchell, told the BBC on Thursday. “They just want to know what happened to their daughter, find out the truth and bring those responsible to justice,” he added. “They have not lost hope of finding her alive, despite the passage of time” but “they are realistic,” he said..

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