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Mpok Alpa



Biodata & Biography Of Mpok Alpa 

Real Name: Nina Carolina
Age: Born March 12, 1986 (age 34)
Birthday: March 12, 1986
Birthplace: Jakarta , Indonesia
Profession: Comedian & Singer

Who is Nina Carolina (Mpok Alpa)


Nina Carolina , known as Mpok Alpa was born in Jakarta, Indonesia on 12 March 1986 age 34, She is a comedian. She is known through her curhatan video using a Betawi accent that is viral on social media.

Not only entertaining the community through her speech, the mother of two children apparently also often entertains people with a good voice.

Nina is known to be a dangdut singer, she has sung dangdut songs on stage to the stage since the 6th grade of elementary school.

Nina Carolina used to sing at the celebration every Saturday and Sunday. Besides having been on stage with dangdut singer Elvi Sukaesih, Nina also claimed to have a fan named Carolina Fans Club (CFC).

Before she became famous, Nina was fooled by being fired from the Opera Van Java (OVJ) because she was considered to have a bad attitude.

The news was delivered directly by Opera Van Java Producer, Yanto in the YouTube channel TRANS & Official. Because of the news, the name Mpok Alpa again stole the attention of the people.

Even so, it turns out Mpok Alpa had been a ‘Tiger Stage’ before she became famous.

Mpok Alpa When Becoming a Singer

Reporting from the YouTube channel ZMstudio DEPOK, Mpok Alpa appeared stunning on the stage. Singing dangdut songs, Mpok Alpa turned into ‘Tiger Stage’.

Nina Carolina has a golden voice as a stage singer, of course Mpok Alpa must look attractive. No wonder Mpok Alpa often uses such a beautiful night gown to support her appearancess on stage.

She has long hair over her shoulder, coupled with her curvy back sides which makes her so different but still beautiful. Especially when she chose to dye her hair brown, it looks really adorable  on her.

She became noticed when the video she uploaded online went viral although she claimed to have been a beautiful grooming singer but was never invited to the mall. In fact, according to her, there is no need to go to the mall, she is happy if invited by her husband.

Mpok Alpha has earned a lot of money from her career as a singer and a comedian. In fact,She has also set foot abroad. Currently She is enjoying her profession as an artist that is becoming known to the wider community.

Mpok Alpa List Of Tv Shows

Opera Van Java (Trans 7)
Good Morning, Happy (Trans TV)
Open Ae (NET.)
Oh Gitu (Trans TV)
Sahur Segerr (Trans 7)
This is Ramadan (NET.)

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