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Chacha Sherly



Biodata Chacha Sherly

Real Name: Chacha Trio Macan
Age: Born January 19, 1991 (28 yrs)
Birthplace: Bondowoso, Indonesia
Profession: Musician

Who Is Chacha Sherly

Chacha Sherly or better known as Chacha Trio Macan was born in Bondowoso, January 19, 1991, She is one of the personnel of the vang dangdung group Trio Macan.

The beautiful woman who is commonly called Chacha. Chacha started her professional career by joining dangdut vocal group Trio Macan in 2011.

At that time Chacha replaced the other Trio Macan personnel, Dian Aditya. Before being elected Chacha, the Trio Macan had a vacuum for some time, until finally Chacha joined and the Tigers returned to exist.

Together with Trio Macan, Chacha’s career is increasingly uphill. His name is increasingly known to many people after the Trio of the Tiger managed to issue a number of singles such as Iwak Peyek, Livestock Tiger, Disconnect Ya Disconnect, Like You and others.

Just like other artists, Chacha also has an Instagram account, @chachatriomacan . Rows of beautiful photos of women who have the characteristics of a short haircut found on his Instagram.

Aside from his work with the Trio Macan, Chacha is now a Youtuber like most other artists.

Chacha created her YouTube account with the name chacha sherly official , now it has reached more than 51 thousand subscribers. In his channel, Chacha tried several times to cover songs with his own distinctive style.




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Siapa yg bisa gini ???🤣😂✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻 #puterlidahchalenge #chachasherly #chachasherlytiktok #tiktokindonesia

A post shared by Chacha Sherly (@chacha.sherly) on

Chacha Sherly, recently caused a stir in his fans. This is because his action when playing Tik Tok on his Instagram video upload, @ chacha.sherly.

Previously, Chacha’s thumb had been the focus of her action in playing Tik Tok. Recently, Chacha twisted her tongue and challenged her fans to do the same.

Obviously the Chacha upload immediately caught the attention of his fans. They mostly focus on the action of Chacha at the end of the video turning her tongue. “Amused, ” one netizen commented.
In addition there was also someone who asked “Already pro ya ya cha cha? @ Chacha.sherly” . The article apparently received attention from Chacha. “@isnaenidwinrhmh anjiiirrr … Pro Loohh ??,” Chacha replied.

This beautiful woman from Siodarjo is indeed known as a person who likes to joke and is quite friendly. No wonder if now he has a lot of fans who are usually called Kanchaku.

Not only that, Chacha also now has more than 650 thousand followers on his Instagram.

Previously, right on January 23, 2020, yesterday, Chacha celebrated her 29th birthday. Chacha along with Via Vallen became a sword and sword from Sidoarjo, which is now increasingly well-known in the country.

Chacah Sherly List Of Songs

Iwak Peyek, Cicilalang – album “Trio Macan” (2013)

Oplosan, Open Sitik Joss – single (2014)

Livestock Tiger, Putus Ya Putus – single (2015)

Edan Down – single (2016)

Special, Jaran Goyang, Boyfriend Half Dead, Missing Half Dead, Police – single (2017)

Like You – single (2018)

Karna Su Sayang (Remix Version) – single (2018)


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