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Latin American comedian Karla Panini sues Karla Luna the businessman who discredited her



The Latin American comedian Karla Panini has revealed that she is already preparing legal actions against those who have damaged her image

Continuing with the controversy that haunts Karla Panini since the scandal of Las washerderas reappeared last April. The comic act again gave something to talk about in the interview conducted by the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante , where the now Exa FM Monterrey announcer made new revelations.

Visibly fed up with the topic that links her to the betrayal she committed against her partner in the comic duet, the late Karla Luna, Panini commented that she wants to turn the page and forget the topic that keeps her in the media spotlight.

For me it is a matter more than forgiven and forgotten on my part, so it was and so it will continue to be
“ La comadre güera” commented for the cameras of the First-hand program that there was a cell phone in which Luna realized the relationship that her then-husband, Américo Garza , had with his great friend and companion in the Telehit television . S owever, Panini said that much of the information disseminated respect is taken out of context.

Panini took the opportunity with the also conductor of the segment Birds on the wire to make it clear that she stopped using social networks since May 9 to avoid the attacks that have flared up against her.

Another reason why the announcer left digital platforms aside is that she decided to give herself time to get legal advice and face the accusations against her by launching a legal process against the family of Karla Luna and businessman Felipe Silva, who assured that he had given Panini a considerable amount of money in order to have an intimate encounter with him. In addition, she pointed out that both she and Américo Garza carried out “works” of witchcraft on the deceased ” comadre morena “.

Today I do not manage any social network or my husband. Thousands of Facebooks, Instagram, WhatsApp messages, Twitters have been fanned, which I have fanned or that my husband has allegedly fanned to social networks, which have not been true. You can manipulate a message as many times as you want, you can invent messages and put and remove as many times as you want. Today technology can do a thousand things.

The woman who received the journalist at her home in Monterrey, Nuevo Léon, said that she will also take legal action against the social media accounts that have been created to discredit her image and to attack her, affirming that she knows well who the people are. are behind those profiles.

When asked about her relationship with the daughters that Américo had with the deceased comedian and singer, Panini mentioned that “how can I not love them if they are the daughters of the man I love”, making it clear that decisions about girls They fall to Garza, while she takes care of Gabriel, the son she fathered with Óscar Burgos.

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