An unconfirmed report has it that ZIMDANCEHALL artiste Bounty Lisa has passed away. The news of Bounty Lisa’s death emanated from an unverified website. For now we can’t confirm that Bounty Lisa died. Bounty Lisa has kept her life in privacy since after revealing earlier this year that she is battling with a serious ill health.

In an interview with Hmetro, the Musandidaro singer and former wife to Soul Jah Love, Lisa revealed that she spent the better part of 2019 in South Africa in search for solution.

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“I spent the whole year visiting various hospitals in Cape Town and Johannesburg hospitals in South Africa but nothing helped me, i got booked for some tests and never received treatment as they kept postponing dates for the tests” she said.

Further speaking, Bounty said her affliction started back in 2014, My thighs started swelling which affected my blood pressure.

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“My problem started in 2014 kachingova kabundu kandaikwenya kachivava.

The swelling to this size started three months ago and it affected my blood pressure and temperature to rise.

Although I accompanied my former husband Soul Jah Love to this Liberty Arena some time ago, I never thought of coming here but a former footballer Trymore Mtisi is the one who reminded me of Prophet Magaya.”