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Gates County Animal Clinic worker, Tyler Britton dies at 20



Tyler Elaine Britton, 20, of Boykins passed away peacefully on May 21, 2020 in her home. Tyler was born December 28, 1999 at Roanoke Chowan Hospital, Ahoskie, NC. She grew up in Gates County, NC where she attended Gates County High School.

She worked as a Veterinary Assistant at the Gates County Animal Clinic which showed her love for animals. Tyler also competed in cheerleading at the National Level.

It was her passion. She also participated in numerous clubs and extracurricular activities. Tyler also attended and graduated from Southampton County High School.

She enjoyed working with disabled children and competed in the Miss Southampton High School Pageant. Tyler had a deep love for the Lord and enjoyed learning all she could about her Heavenly Father. She often reached out to the underprivileged and those that felt alone.

Her mother confirmed the news of her death in an official lengthy Facebook post..

Read Below:-

Well I have got to do the ABSOLUTE hardest thing of my entire life tonight! Tonight is the VERY last time I get to sleep beside my precious Tyler Elaine Britton.

I brought this magnificent creation into this world 20 years ago and I can’t tell you how many times that little stinker climbed into bed with her Mommy or asked me to rock her in my chair even after she was grown.

I have had home in her casket the moment I could get her little butt back here, but UNFORTUNATELY I have to let her go again and for good tomorrow to send her precious vessel to become ashes. NOTHING ABOUT THIS IS ABSORBING into my brain. Please please please pray for me.

I have to get it together for my precious Kristen and I honestly believe I might just be losing my mind. All I know is this will be the longest and shortest night of my life!!!! I am even sleeping with her “Cindy bear”. It always made her feel safe. I just pray with ever fiber of my being that my sweet girl gives me a dream and says, “ It’s OK Mama, you can let me go now”.

I’m afraid if she don’t, they’ll never be able to take her out of this house and away from my hands. Please ask Tyler to come tell mama I can do this! God bless you all!

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