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Emmy Award winning writer Mary Pat Gleason is dead



American film and television actress who is also an Emmy Award winning writer , Mary Pat Gleason has died. She died at the age of 70.

The news of her death was announced by Jan Libby on Twitter where she revealed that the American film actress Mary has died.

“Just heard the very sad news about Mary Pat Gleason. She was a wonderful character actress who you might remember from The MiddleMan series.”

May Pat Gleason was born on February 23 1950 in Lake City, Minnesota, United States, she had the pleasure of working with many great directors including Steven Soderbergh on the film Traffic.

Mary Pat in 1980s appeared on several television series as Full House, Dear John, Murphy Brown, Empty Nest, L.A. Law, Saved by the Bell, Murder, She Wrote, Friends, Step by Step, Suddenly Susan, Will & Grace, Sex and the City, Desperate Housewives, Family Matters, NCIS: Los Angeles, The Middleman, Up All Night, 1600 Penn, Motive, Baby Daddy, Grey’s Anatomy, Partners, Mama’s Family, 2 Broke Girls and Mom.

What Killed Mary Pat Gleason?

Mary Pat Gleason had a long battle with cancer before she succumbed to it last night at 10:20 p.m. Fuck cancer.

Tributes floods twitter

Mary Film Appearances:

Party mother, Easy Money, Orion, 1983.

Kindly troop leader, Troop Beverly Hills, Columbia, 1989.

Policewoman, I, Madman (also known as Hardcover), Trans World Entertainment, 1989.

Dora Welsh, Fat Man and Little Boy (also known as Shadow Makers), Paramount, 1989.

Rotunda woman, Vital Signs, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1990.

Woman at bar, Pastime (also known as One Cup of Coffee), Miramax, 1991.

Waitress, Defending Your Life, Warner Bros., 1991.

Housewife, Soapdish, Paramount, 1991.

Juvenile officer, Basic Instinct (also known as Ice Cold Desire), TriStar, 1992.

Vira, Man Trouble, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1992.

The librarian, Lorenzo’s Oil, Universal, 1992.

Female officer, Holy Matrimony, Buena Vista, 1994.

Desk clerk, Speechless, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1994.

Bus driver, A Walk in the Clouds (also known as Caminando por las nubes and Un paseo
Nurse Barb, No Easy Way, Redwood Communications, 1996.

Second county nurse, Infinity, First Look Pictures Releasing, 1996.

Martha Corey, The Crucible, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1996.

Casting director, Lookin’ Italian (also known as Showdown), Vision Quest Entertainment, 1998.

Second witness, Traffic (also known as Traffic—Die macht des kartells), USA Films, 2000.

Customer at Tumbleweeds, Evolution, DreamWorks, 2001.

Tee Naters, Hometown Legend, Jenkins Entertainment, 2002.

Heavyish woman, Bruce Almighty, Universal, 2003.

Francesca DePesto, Cliche (short film), Jenkins Entertainment, 2003.

Nero’s waitress, Intolerable Cruelty, Universal, 2003.

Nurse, Grand Theft Parsons, Swipe Films, 2004.

Shelley Johansson, Memron, 2004.

Mrs. Flamhaff, 13 Going On 30 (also known as Suddenly 30), Columbia, 2004.

Eleanor, A Cinderella Story (also known as Une aventure de Cendrillon), Warner Bros., 2004.

Natasha, Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing & Charm School, Samuel Goldwyn Films, 2005.

Nutrition clerk, The Island, DreamWorks, 2005.

Ms. Hagerty, Underclassman, Miramax, 2005.

Hospital patient, The Memory Thief, Stark Raving Films, 2006.

Nurse Holiday, Room 6, Imagine Entertainment, 2006.

Eugene’s mother, Wristcutters: A Love Story (also known as Pizzeria Kamikaze), No Matter Pictures/Crispy Films/Halcyon Pictures, 2006.

Third operator, The Alibi (also known as Lies and Alibis), Columbia, 2006.

Sara’s mom, One Sung Hero (short film), 2006.

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