Brian Lyons Death:

Brain Lyon the man popular for pushing Rick Hoyt during Boston Marathon in 2015 have died while in his sleep at the age of 50.

The news of his death was confirmed by Dick Hoyt on his Facebook page:

“Received some horrible news yesterday that Bryan Lyons passed away in his sleep – taken from his friends and family too soon,” Dick Hoyt wrote Tuesday. “We have tons of pictures and memories of great times together over so many years. Rick is going to be devastated when he hears the news.”

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Although a dentist, Lyon took part during the Marathon as a member of Team Hoyt since 2019.

He pushed Dick Hoyt during the Boston Marathon in 2015,Dick Hoyt is a cerebral palsy and a spastic quadriplegic,with Lyon as his assist they scaled through to the finish line.

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Hoyts had participated in the race together since 1981.

The late Brian Lyons is survived by his parents John and Patty Lyons, and three siblings – Beth, John, and Mark.