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Young Athlete, Michael Cunningham dies in car accident



Young athlete Michael Cunningham has passed. The Fort Hunt Warriors High School Rugby player  was reported to have died in a car accident on May 31 2020.  Michael Cunningham died at the age of 19.

Confirming the death of Michael Cunningham, Corey Thomas in a Facebook post revealed that Michael Cunningham died in a car accident.

Yesterday, a humble, giving, caring, loving, dedicated and driven friend of mine lost his life way too soon in a car accident. I am calling to all of my friends, family, and community to put forth a donation in the remembrance of a great friend of mine and MANY others, Michael Cunningham. He was one of the most genuine people I have ever met, and the world was truly a better place with him in it. He was going to accomplish great things in his life, so we will still accomplish great things in his name. Fly High Mikey Rest In Peace. He said.

Snakehead Pro Staff, Derek Radoski penning down his tribute for Michael described him as a humble and hardworking athlete.

“First time I saw Mike in the Weight Room I asked him what year he graduated? When he answered me, he was a Junior in HS my jaw dropped. As coaches we have a phrase “That’s a Man” …… Mike was humble, hardworking and a blessed athlete. Prior to his Senior Year Football for West Potomac he Broke his leg playing Rugby against Mt St Joes dam near in front of me. It was by far the best display of sportsmanship I have ever witnessed as he kept trying to get up a Mt. St Joes player covered him as the ball followed by 28 players went over top of him. I was so impressed by it I wrote the Athletic Director at Mt St Joes. Mike always had a huge smile on his face when I would see him at Results Gym and always using up all the dam 45 pound plates. Mike was a young way to young, but Mike was a Man. A man that will be missed. Once a Cardinal transformed into a Wolverine yet always a Warrior.”

Fort Hunt Warriors High School Rugby Sports Club also reacted to death of Mike. The club sent their condolences to Michael’s family.

In Facebook post via their Facebook page they wrote “It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Michael Cunningham, a Warriors alumnus. Please consider helping the family if you can.
Once a Warrior, always a Warrior.”

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