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Tweeps Reacts: Linda Hogan Viral Tweets About US Protest Gets Her Banned From Wrestling Promotion & Future Last Family Passover Dinners



Linda Hogan who is the former wife of WWE legendary champion, Hulk Hugan has got her own share of unfortunate break from her WWE endorsements and promotions  after she posted a viral tweets on the social media.

In what look like a week of unrest after the 42 year-old black man George Floyd was murdered by the police has spanned 140 cities as citizens across the US take a stand against racial injustice, Linda dropped her bomb shell tweets claiming that the ongoing looting of stores in the streets is all Afro Americans doing.

What Did Linda Hogan Tweeted That Got Her Banned From WWE

“The ongoing looting of stores in the streets is all Afro Americans doing. not sure how robbing and stealing set the record straight but if they want to be heard they need to be civilized” she said


Many people who reacted to her viral comment and twitter called her names and said they are already done with her shows.The big onion among them where the boss of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) who has already banned  Linda from any of the promotion’s shows for her distasteful tweet about the protests consuming America.

Co-host of The Throh The Years podcast also reacted to the tweets and promised never to follow Linda in all her weekly shows again

“Every week I’ve been tuning into Dynamite, waiting, hoping, that this would be the week Linda Hogan shows up. Now that dream is dead. Guess I don’t have to watch anymore.”

Wrestler Prince Nana also called her remark “sickening” on Twitter while fellow wrestler and commentator AJ Kirsch wrote: “@LindaHogan, you should just go ahead and delete your entire Twitter account, not just that one tweet. You know the one.”

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