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How A Tragic Accident Killed 16 year-old Sarah Tucker And Left Her Best Friend Kathryn Granger Paralyzed



Sarah Tucker was a 16 year-old student who died in March 2018 after involving in  a tragic car accident with her best friend Kathryn while driving back home from a trip to get prom dresses.

Sarah and her friend Kathryn Granger were involved in a car crash, the accident left Kathryn Granger paralyzed and on wheel chair and took the life of Sarah Tucker.

The news of Sarah’s death after the accident left many people devastated especially Sarah’s family.

Kathryn who sustained a severe spinal cord injuries and a partial collapsed lung with a broken shoulder and pelvis has since been taking a weekly trips with her mom to Fort Worth where she receives outpatient rehab at a facility called the Neurological Recovery Center.

Julie Granger, Kathryn’s mother while speaking said that the rehab center has an impressive equipment to take care of her daughter Kathryn.

“We have 26 outlying counties in our surrounding area that I feel like would be able to benefit from something like this, The equipment that they have at this rehab is very impressive. They’ve got the robotic therapy, equipment, then they also have aquatic therapy, as well as neurological virtual reality, which is super helpful.” said Julie Granger

In the wake of the devastating situation surrounding the unforgettable incident,The Kathryn family raised funds enough that will help fund the development of a facility in the community, it will serve not only as an initial rehabilitation center but also address long-term needs.

“I feel like I would get a lot out of it if I had something closer, I would do it more often,” Kathryn said. “I can only go down there on the weekends, which isn’t that much time. There’s only three hours of actually working out. If I had it here, I could do it more often and make it a routine.”

If built, the center would help people with traumatic brain injuries, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, Parkinson’s disease, stroke patients, Huntington’s disease, other neuropathic conditions and certain ALS patients.

Julie said she was inspired to help make everything happen after seeing the facility in Fort Worth. Right now, she is looking for a local hospital or orthopedic doctor to potentially partner with her.

“This place that we go to started out as a very small boutique. It was just passionate parents wanting to help their son,” Julie said. “It’s grown into something that’s helping so many young people, older people and everything in between. They’re helping my Kathryn. I just know, by getting something here locally, we’re going to be able to help a lot of people.”

Kristi Tucker, Sarah Tucker’s mom while describing her late daughter said she was a light full of life before the evil hands of death took hold of her, “She was a light. Full of life,” “There’s so much I could say about her. She was beautiful.” she continued to say

How Did The Accident Happened? Kathryn Explains All That…

Kathryn while explaining how the accident happened said Sarah meant the world to her, in her words:

“She meant the world,” she said. “She was my go-to person. She completed me.”
“I had never been on that highway before,” Kathryn said. “There was a straightaway exit– so you had to curve left to stay on the highway. I mean, I wasn’t looking at my maps or anything. So, I just figured you know– go straight. There was a stop sign, and the sun was just really bright and I just missed it.”

“I remember asking why I can’t feel my legs, why I can’t move, and I asked about Sarah.” she added

Although Sarah’s death will forvere remain in the hearts of her loved ones especially Kristi who admits living through what would have been Sarah’s senior year has been incredibly painful.

“I’m thankful to have Kathryn,” Julie Granger, Kathryn’s mom, said. “And as much as we have our struggles, I can’t imagine, what they deal with daily.”

Kathryn will graduate this year. She plans to go to college and become a teacher.

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