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Christopher Zubia, among the three identified by the police for the murder of the three Marines in Uruguay



Uruguay police has on Monday detained three people on suspected of being involved in the murder of three Marines , which took place on Sunday. According to a source from the Uruguayan security forces to Infobae , one of the detainees was identified as Christopher Zubia , a Colombian national and the son of Uruguayans, who entered the Uruguayan Navy Fusiliers (Fusna) in 2014 and was discharged in 2017.

Zubia was arrested by the security agents along with a woman and another man, whose identities have not yet been released.

The Interior Minister, Jorge Larrañaga , assured this Monday that the Police already have important details to solve the case, but explained that they will not be made public so as not to hinder the investigation: “I want to be clear: in Uruguay they will not win the criminal gangs but the rule of law. Know that we will be relentless with those responsible ”.

He also explained that three 9 mm caliber pistol loaders and a numbered Glock pistol were found in the raids , but he did not confirm whether they were the regulation weapons that were stolen from the soldiers.

The detainees will give a statement to the prosecutor of the case on Tuesday.

The massacred officers were identified as Alex Guillenea, Alan Rodríguez and Juan Escobar , from the departments of Tacuarembó and Rivera. They were 22, 25, and 32 years old, respectively. Two of them had a shot to the head, and the third was found in a fetal position surrounded by blood. They were found at a guard post in Cerro de Montevideo at eight o’clock on Sunday morning. There are installed communication antennas of the Navy, the Presidency and the Communications Services Regulatory Unit.

President Luis Lacalle Pou, who decreed two days of national mourning for the murder, promised to “fight, persecute and capture those responsible”: “We are not ready for violence in society to become natural.”

The strongest line of investigation of the prosecutor in the case, Mirta Morales , targets the world of drug trafficking organizations that operate in Uruguayan territory. This, in turn, is divided into two senses. One points to the theft of the pistols carried by the officers, considering the high value they can have on the black market: they can reach five thousand dollars or barter for a kilo of cocaine with Brazilian narcos, according to the journalist Marcelo. Gallardo in an article published in online.

In parallel to its material value, the crime could also have been a message to the security forces. In fact, it could have been the strongest in a succession, considering that the Navy and other divisions in charge of the fight against drug trafficking have suffered bomb attacks and robbery attempts in recent weeks. For researchers here there may be a common thread that connects all cases. “Once intelligence is a coincidence, two enemy actions,” recalled a senior Army officer on Sunday.

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