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Australian Fashion Icon Anna Thomas Dies At The Age Of 49



Anna Thomas the iconic fashion designer dies at the age of 49 years.

The news of her death was made known on Friday last week, Anna Thomas death came after she battled three years with an illness not revealed yet.

Anna leaves behind her husband David Barrington who is the managing director of her fashion line and their three children, Lilla, Angus and Oscar.

Former host of the ABC’s One Plus One program, Hutcheon in a condolence massage to the Anna’s family said that the late Anna Thoma’s wardrobe boosted her confidence during television interviews.

“We would sometimes talk about my cat shirt. It was quite an integral part of my TV personality if you like,” Hutcheon said. “Whenever I wore that cat shirt I’d be inundated with emails from women asking me where I got it, even on the repeats.”

Anna launched her first line of 10 boutiques in 2004 two years earlier after returning to Melbourne from Italy where she worked as the fashion co-ordinator for the Weekend Max Mara label.

She is the daughter of an Australian nurse and a doctor from Kerala in India who grew up in Perth with three older sisters.

Her designs were characterized by their quality fabric – usually from Italy, for which she had a special affinity following her time with Max Mara and careful tailoring.

In 2006, she told an interviewer: “I’m not really about color or glitz, but something much more refined. And I’m not afraid to put really expensive pieces in my range because I know there is a customer out there who recognizes their quality and beauty.”

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