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Metro FM Presenter, Pearl Modiadie reportedly 6 months pregnant



Reports from sources has claimed that South African radio presenter, Pearl Modiadie is reportedly six months pregnant.

The sources claimed that Pearl Modiadie is pregnant for her  baby daddy a French businessman.

Pearl Modiadie’s pregnancy was first disclosed to Sunday World by two of Modiadie public relations team.

“She is pregnant and she is so excited because this is her first experience, so you can image. She has been trying to keep this thing a secret because her culture does not allow her to talk about pregnancy, even though the bump is now visible and no longer hideable,” said one of the PR members.

Speaking to Sunday World, one of the member of the team stated that Modiadie and her French boyfriend already knew the gender of the child but were not going it reveal it just yet.

“All she said was that she is hoping for a girl and he is hoping for a boy,” said the member.

“He knows the African culture very well, so he has no qualms with paying damages,” said the source.

Pearl allegedly said it’s against her culture to talk about her pregnancy, when she was contacted by the publication.

“Out of respect for my culture, I prefer not to talk about my pregnancy,” she said.

We are still expecting an update from Pearl’s but are current updates on social media shows that she might have something special for fans.

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