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Man Stomped To Death In Dallas? He Is Not Dead



Dallas Man who was stomped on Saturday by a group of protesters in the Victory Park area just north of downtown is not death. The Dallas man whose name is yet unknown is currently hospitalized and in good condition. The news that the man died from injuries sustained from the brutal attack is not true.

Late Saturday a viral video was posted on social media which showed moment demonstrators were stomping and kicking the man. According to the Police, the incident occurred near the House of Blues concert venue in the 2200 block of North Lamar Street.

The video was first posting online by Elijah Schaffer of Blaze TV with a caption, “BREAKING: man critically injured at Dallas riots. It appears he attempted to defend a shop with a large sword. Looters ran at him, then he charged rioters. They then beat him with a skateboard and stoned him with medium sized rocks. I called an Ambulance and it’s on the way.”

One attacker appeared to slam a skateboard into the man at least once and possibly several times, while at least one other appeared to pummel him with a fist-size stone.

The man was left unconscious following the brutal beaten that was severed on him by the protesters. An image posted later showed him sitting up and being treated by medics.

On what led to the beating, According to the police the Dallas man went to the site “carrying a machete to allegedly protect his neighborhood from protesters. The victim confronted protesters while holding the machete and was subsequently assaulted.”

Those videos show several people hurling objects at the man, who appears to be holding a long bladed object, although it’s unclear from the footage that it’s a machete. The man eventually runs in the direction of someone carrying a skateboard, at which point more than a dozen people descend on him and attack from all sides.

Till now no arrest have been made in connection to the brutal beating.

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