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Egyptian Comedian, Hassan Hosny dies at the age of 89



The popular Egyptian comedian, Hassan Hosny (Rasha Hassan Hosni) has been reported dead at the age of 89.

Hassan Hosny died in the early hours of today Saturday at the age of 89 after a long battle with heart attack.

The vetenarian actor when alive was a notable comedian with most of his films popular within the Egyptian movie industry.

Hassan is known for El Nazer (2000), El basha telmiz (2004) and Zaky Chan (2005).

He was born in 1931 in Cairo, after discovering his talent on comedy he too in all the shows made in his school days this possibly was his stepping stone to limelight.

During his active days as a comedian, Hassan received so many notable awards and medals to his credit from the ministry of Education.

Hassan Hosny was awarded the Cairo International Film Festival’s most prestigious award in 2018 after appearing in over 400 movie titles.

He won several awards both locally and within the Arab world, Hassan Hosny started off his career in the late 60s, initially taking on small roles until he worked his way up to more prominent ones. Showcasing his talents both onstage and on the silver screen, one of Hosny’s break-out roles and a turning point in his career came with his brilliant performance in director Atef El-Tayeb’s Sawa’a El-Otobees; which showcases the actor’s versatile talents and his mastery of the role of a villain.

Notable Films & Movies Hassan Hosny Has Featured

Al karnak (1975, as Waiter)
Al sharida (1980)
Qahwet al mawardy (1982)
Sawak al-utubis (1982)
The Wife of an Important Man (1987)
War in the Land of Egypt (1990)
Al Feraa 12 (1991)
Lieah ya banafsieg (1993)
Sarek al-farah (1994, as Rokba)
Bakhit and Adeela (1995)
Afarit el-asphalt (1996)
Nasser 56 (1996, as Hamed)
Bakhit and Adeela 2 (1997, cameo)
Woman and Five Men (1997, as The First Man)
Al Batal (1997)
El-Farah (1999, as Mansour)
Aboud ala el hedoud (1999, as Abdo)
El Nazer (2000, as Sayed)
Africano (2001, as Shakir)
A Marriage by Presidential Decree (2001)
Son of Wealth (2001)
El-Limby (2002, as Bakhr)
Divorce Attorney (2002, as Dad)
Adams Way (2002)
Elly baly balak (2003, as Adham)
Qalb jari’ (2003)
Mido mashakel (2003, as Saber Aref)
Kalem mama (2003)

Askar fi el-mu’askar (2003, as Hasanien)
First Year Con (2004, as Hassan)
El basha telmiz (2004, as General Azmy)
Okal (2004)
Ghabi mino fih (2004, as Dhabsh)
Khali min al colestrol (2004)
Zaky Chan (2005, as Salem Al Asyouty)
bel3arby cindrella
Farhan melazem adem (2005)
Bobbos (2009)
Nathariat Amti (2013)
El Ashash (2013)

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