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Where is Juan Williams Now, Is Juan Still with “The Five”?



Juan Williams Brief Biography

Real Name: Juan Williams
Age: Born April 10, 1954 (age 66)
Birth place: Colon Panama, USA
Profession: Journalist & Media Contributor
Areas Worked: The Five Co-host With Fox New Channel

Who is Juan Williams

Meet Juan Williams the Panamanian-American journalist and political analyst working with the Fox News Channel.

Juan Williams writes for several newspapers which includes The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal, and he has been published in magazines such as The Atlantic Monthly and Time.

Williams has been an editorial writer for a long time, an op-ed columnist, a White House correspondent, and a national correspondent. He is a registered Democrat.

While in an interview with Hill.TV, Juan ridiculed at the idea that the public could separate where the network ends ended and the Trump administration begins, which has triggered some many questions about his stay with media and his tv program “The Five” on Fox news.

While speaking, Hill.TV host Krystal Ball pressed Williams on his network calling the “lines between Fox News and this White House blurry at best.”

“Blurry?” Williams interjected. “I think they’re joined at … ” he responded as Ball interrupted his thought, finishing Williams’s sentence by adding, “They are joined at the hip.”

Williams agreed with the assertion.

Born on April 10, 1954, Juan Williams grew up in Colon Panama, his father was from the West Indies while his mother came from the Panama.

Williams in 2018 revealed how he had legally emigrated from Panama to the United States in a banana boat with his mother and his two siblings when he was four years of age.

Juan Williams joined the Fox news channel in 1997 as a news contributor and has appeared on special report with the notable personalities like Bret Baier and on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.

He is a regular tv host of popular live broadcast Show, “The Five”.

Where is Juan Williams Now, Still with “The Five” on Fox News?

On May 26 2020, Juan Williams tweeted  a viral comment which has got many people questioning his stay with The Five broadcast show in Fox News Channel


Many people said that Juan leaving The Five will be the best thing that will ever happen to the show, some concerned individuals responded by saying:

“He’s a bigot and a racist and out of touch with reality of what’s going on in America he’s one-sided he doesn’t welcome any other opinions from any of the other co-host he’s argumentative and combative”

“Juan Williams must go and is causing a lot of viewers to stop watching The Five and we all welcomed back Bob Beckel Juan is out of tough with every issue! i loved watching the five before Juan Williams came on the show.. i use to welcome The Five in my house but no longer since he has been apart of The Five lets get him off the show, show your support!”

“I just can’t waste my time listening to someone who won’t allow anyone else to talk. His rudeness to the other four drives me crazy”

It is obvious Juan Williams has since taken his leave away from the The Five TV show a while ago and no one will certainly reveal his intention whether he will be coming back to the show or not for now we don’t know.

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