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Legendary Guitarist Bob Kulick has died at the age of 70



(Bob Kulick death ) – Legendary Guitarist Bob Kulick has died at the age of 70
His death was made known today on Twitter through Jeff Scott Soto.

Jeff who on the social media said he worked with Bob through so many decades of his active involvement in the music industry.

“Ugh, another peer, colleague & someone I considered friend has passed. I worked with Bob Kulick on many recordings through the years, most notably the many tribute albums he produced.


My condolences to his brother Bruce and extended Kulick family.”

The late Bob Kulick was known for his work with Lou Reed, Meat Loaf, and KISS, and who wrote SpongeBob SquarePants’ “Sweet

Full Name Robert J Kulick was born on January 16 1950 in Brooklyn New York.

In the late 1972 Bob the opportunity and got auditioned for the lead guitar spot in a then-new band called Kiss.

He joined The band, with Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and Peter Criss, was very impressed by his performance, but it was the glitzier Ace Frehley (who auditioned immediately after him) who was chosen to fill the spot.

Bob has in so many occasions played on four Kiss albums like the “Alive II (three of the five studio tracks)”, ‘Unmasked (played Lead Guitar on Naked City), Killers (all four new studio tracks), and some minimal work on Creatures of the Night. He also played on Paul Stanley’s 1978 solo album and on his 1989 solo tour.

The cause of Bob Kulick death have not been made known to the public as at the time of filing this report.

Many of Bob’s notable fans and friends has poured out their heartfelt tributes on the social community with many describing the late Guitarist as the legend of the 90s.

Bruce admitted in an interview that his relationship with Bob was “not healthy.” Bruce spoke about his estranged older brother five months after Bob made a public post on his personal Facebook page as as well as on his Instagram accusing Bruce of contributory “copyright infringement” over the sale of “Kulick Brothers” merchandise items, including a signed photo. According to Bob, the items.
were being made available via Kiss Army Merchandise with permission from Bruce only. Bob went on to say that Bruce “has a restraining order” against him, but didn’t offer any more details about the circumstances that led to the order being issued.

Bob Kulick is survived by his wife stella stevens and his only son, Andrew Stevens.

According to, in October 1990, Bob dated his partner actress Stella Stevens for six months before they decided to put their romance to the test. Over dinner one night at an Indian restaurant, the two scribbled down a few words on the back of a napkin and turned their lives over to the establishment’s resident handwriting analyst. The woman peered at the writing, looked at the couple, then said she couldn’t imagine them living with anyone other than each other.

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