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Arizona man, Nick Cordova shot and killed



Arizona man identified as Nick Cordova has passed away. According to reports Nick Cordova was shot and killed after work on 27th May 2020. The identity of the man who shot and killed Nick Cordiva has not been revealed. Is yet unclear why Nick Cordova was shot and killed.

Nick Cordova’s death was confirmed by her cousin, Hannah Roxanne Shaw who expressed how devastated she was on hearing the death of Nick Cordova.

Hannah Roxanne described Nick as a man who set the standard of what she wanted her future family to look like.

In a lengthy Facebook post she wrote..

Yesterday my cousin Nick was shot and killed after work. My family’s heart and mine are completely shattered. Nick is the man I’ve always looked up to and the man who set the standard of what I wanted my future family to look like. He was who I wanted my future husband to be friends with more than any other man in my life.

No matter how hard he worked he made time for whats important. This is by far the hardest thing ive had to go through and will have to accept. Thank you for always showing love and support to everyone in your life and always supporting my dreams and checking in on me. I could say so much more but this is so extremely hard. Please keep my family and Nicks loved ones in your prayers. I love you forever. And will always have your spirit in my decisions and laughter.

Another Facebook, Allison Berry Kjer who sent her condolences to the family of Nick stated that details of Nick Cordova murder are still unclear to them..

Read Below Allison Berry Kjer Facebook Post..

“This post goes out to all my praying friends and family. On Wednesday evening a friend of ours was shot and killed. As the details of his murder are still unclear to us, what we do know is that he leaves behind an adoring wife and 2 young children. This post is not for me and my loss, but to surround this loving family with God’s love, peace and healing! Please help me pray for Alysha Cordova and her children Cruze (7) and Capri (5)!

O Lord,Come and presence yourself with this family. Comfort them in their loss, hold them in their sorrow and sustain them through their grief. Enfold them all with your love Lord that they may rest within your arms. Watch over their sleep and take their hands each morning as they face a new day. Bind their hearts as one and bless their relationships. Might they be united in their loss but also blessed with smiles and goodness. Lead this precious family onwards to embrace life together, yet hold on to the promise of heaven.
In you loving name we pray, Amen
RIP Nick Cordova”.

Investigations on what led to Nick Cordova’s death is ongoing, hopefully updates on the Investigation will be made known to the public soon.

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