Dr Ritesh Maheshwari has passed away. Riteish Maheshwari was reported to have died on Saturday after suffering from back pain for four days. Dr Ritesh Maheshwari was transferred from Bareilly to a hospital in Delhi. The death of the young physician triggered a wave of mourning among all the physicians associated with IMA Bareilly.

Surgeon Dr. Ritesh Maheshwari complained of backache two earlier. Family members showed him to Dr. Amit Kushwaha. Dr. Amit Kushwaha asked for MRI investigation. During the investigation, Dr. Ritesh started having trouble breathing. Seeing the condition worsening, he was referred to Max Hospital in Delhi. His condition did not improve there. Rather the condition went on deteriorating. He died in the hospital during treatment.

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The death of the young surgeon triggered a wave of mourning in the medical world. President of IMA, Dr. Rajesh Aggarwal said that Bareilly has lost a good surgeon due to the death of Dr. Ritesh Maheshwari, which is difficult to compensate. All IMA officials expressed condolences.

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