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American successful bodybuilder Mikayla Kingman East Bridgewater reportedly dead



Mikayla Kingman East Bridgewater

A Promising American bodybuilder Mikayla Kingman has died at the age of 23.

Her death was reported by Fitnessvolt and many other media outlets on this morning.
Mikayla Kingman was found dead at her home on May 10, but the information concerning her death was made public today.

Kingman had already shown her ability as a bodybuilder, even though she was not an active competitor when she was younger. Among other things, Kingman won the NPC Jay Cutler Classic Figure competition in two categories in 2017.

Her death came in just few days after the body biulding community announced the death of their Englishman Luke Sandoe who also died unexpectedly with the cause of his death not revealed.

Mikayla Kingman last updates on her Instagram page:

“Good luck to all the competitors tomorrow at the NPC Cutler Classic! It’s your day to shine and show off all your hard work that you’ve busted your butt off for! Most importantly go out there and have fun!”


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