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Neil Parker, the colourist has passed away



Neil Parker, the colourist dies

Reports have it that, Senior colourist at 3sixtymedia Ltd Neil Parker has passed away. His death was disclosed to the public yesterday when a tribute about him was aired on Mancs in Mumbai.

Mancs in Mumbai during the end of the airing Episode 4 of the TV show paid a tribute to Neil Parker. His tribute was aired with a caption “In Loving Memory of Neil Parker, 1964 – 2020”. Neil Parker of death or what killed him was never disclosed to the public.

After the airing of Episode 4 (Wednesday, May 20th) which saw a tribute to Neil Parker  viewers are now wanting to know more about him and his relation to the TV series.

Few Things You Need To Know About Neil Parker

Neil Parker was from Manchester.

He was the senior colourist at 3sixtymedia Ltd.

Neil had been working for 3sixtymedia since July 1986.

Before Joining 3sixtymedia, Neil Parker has worked on a variety of major UK TV shows from Emmerdale to Gino’s Italian Escape.

His first recorded project on IMDb was as a colourist for Prime Suspect 3.

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