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Jimmie Ferrara Death – Who Murdered The Western Actor?



Jimmie Ferrara Death – How He Died

Jimmie Ferrara was an American actor who was murdered years back by his wife, Delma Troy. Jimmie Ferrara died on September 30 1985. Jimmie Ferrara became famous after starring in a movie “Tombstone: The Town Too Tough To Die”. Jimmie Ferrara died at the age of 65.

Jimmie Ferrara was shot four times in the head and upper body after returning from a Nevada vacation. He was a one-time bit actor in 1940s Hollywood movies.

Evidence presented at trial, Troy was unhappy in her marriage and had been having an affair with Kosterow. She told him she wanted Ferrara killed, and he recruited White to help in the assault.

What You Need To Know About Jimmie Ferrara

James Ferrara was born on May 11, 1920 in Endicott, New York, USA as James Joseph Ferrara. He was an actor, known for Tombstone: The Town Too Tough to Die (1942). He was married to Delma Troy. He died on September 30, 1985 in Yuma, Arizona, USA.

Jimmie Ferrara was murdered by his wife, Delma Troy, her lover, Rick Kosterow, and a friend, Donald White in 1985. All three were convicted of his murder 21 years later, in 2006.

All three had moved out of state. Troy, 55, was living in Fallon, Nev. when she was arrested in 2006. Kosterow, 48, was living in Clark County, Wash. White, 42, was living in Brighton, Colo., but was arrested in Oklahoma.

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