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After 2 years divorced from husband Ahok, Veronica Tan Kepergok Still Displays his Photos



INDONESIA – It has been a long time it was last heard, ex-wife of Basuki Tjahaja Purnama alias Ahok, Veronica Tan finally returned to exist in social media after a long vacuum.

After divorcing Ahok on April 4 , 2018, Veronica Tan did seem to disappear from the news.

Veronica Tan’s attitude seems to be inversely related to her ex-husband who actually received public attention because of her marriage to Puput Nastiti Devi.

How not, recently Ahok and Puput Nastiti Devi were blessed with a son named Yosafat Abimanyu Purnama.
In the midst of the ex’s happiness with his new family, it was later revealed that Veronica Tan was still putting up Ahok’s photos all over her house.

After the divorce, Veronica Tan is still living in her old house with Ahok. He was also the one who took care of his three children with Ahok who had grown up.

Where’s Ahok?

Ahok chose to build a luxury house in another place to live with his new wife, Puput. He is also known to have never set foot in the home of his ex-wife, located in this elite area, Pantai Mutiara.

However, on Saturday (05/09/2020), the atmosphere at Veronica Tan’s house was in the spotlight. The reason, he was caught still posting photos of Ahok throughout the house.

This can be seen from the upload of Nicholas Sean, the eldest son of Ahok and Veronica.

Initially, Sean appeared to be promoting a sponge cake in the living room of his house, He seemed to be sitting leisurely on a comfortable black sofa.
Now in the back, there appears a shelf attached to the wall containing many photographs of his father.

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