Home World News 19 year old girl, Ayah shot and killed in Blackburn

19 year old girl, Ayah shot and killed in Blackburn


A man shot & killed a 19 year old Muslim girl in Blackburn identified as Ayah.  The 19 year old girl had gone out to get some groceries.

The 19 year old Muslim girl named Ayah was shot dead in broad daylight in Blackburn in a drive by shooting.

Lancashire police received a call at 3:pm to King Street, Blackburn following information that a young lady, age 19 was unresponsive after being shot by a man in the area.

It woman identified as Abay was rushed to the hospital after being shot but was pronounced dead shortly.

It was reported that a vehicle, thought to be a light coloured or metallic green Toyota Avensis, was seen leaving the scene.

A car matching the description was later recovered and police are appealing for anyone who may have seen the car to contact them.

Lancashire Police have launched a murder investigation, and a manhunt is underway, after a teenager was killed during a shooting in #Blackburn. Officers were called to King Street yesterday and found the 19-year-old unresponsive.

Identity of the man who shot  and killed Abay has been revealed.

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