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Mexican video director, Omar Torres dies in car accident



Mexican video director, Omar Torres has passed. Omar Torres died the night of Friday, May 15 in a car accident.

The Colima-born was on his way from Culiacán to Mazatlán when he apparently fell asleep at the wheel, leading him to crash into a trailer and lose his life around 10 PM.

Omar, who could not find a hotel in Culiacán to rest, made it easy for him to take the highway to go to the port, where he would make a video with José Ángel Ledesma, El Coyote, however he lost his life at 31 years of age.

In these moments the remains of Irwing Omar Torres Gárnica are in the Sinaloan capital waiting to be transferred to Hawaii, where it was located, however and in the face of the pandemic by Covid-19 it could be complicated. The arrival is awaited by the arrival of his mother or a relative, to repate it.

According to information from experts, Omar died instantly when he was pressed into the car at km. 138 of the Mazatlán-Culiacán Maxipista at the height of the Emiliano Zapata syndicate.

“The authorities reported that the accident happened at 10 PM when the driver was driving from north to south along this highway in a white KIA Sedona van with license plates from Sinaloa, which he had rented, and for unknown reasons collided with a torton-type truck. loaded with corn, the same as after the accident he fled with everything and a truck ».

“Red Cross paramedics from the Costa Rica toll booth arrived at the scene to help the young man, but only confirmed that he had already died from the injuries and fractures he suffered in the accident.”

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