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Liberte Chan Mother, Mama Chan has died after a long battle with cancer



Journalist and meteorologist who currently works for KTLA 5 News in Los Angeles, California, Liberte Chan has lost her mother. Liberte Chan’s mother died over the weekend after a long battle with cancer.

Liberte who announced the death of her mother via her Instagram account revealed that her mother was in March 2019 diagnosed of Pancreatic cancer.

She made a long write up detailing how her mother died of the disease.

I worked the day my mother died. It may sound odd, but it would have made her proud to know I got dressed that day, put on makeup and held it together on-air despite knowing she was at home, struggling to survive.

It was a Tuesday at the end of March and quarantine was in full swing. While everyone was isolating themselves at home and mourning the loss of their former life, I rushed back to my mom’s house after my last hit on the weather wall. As the sun went down, I sat next to my mom, telling her I loved her and played some of her favorite songs on my iPhone. Even though she couldn’t speak and was actively dying, I knew she could hear the melodies in “Somewhere in Time” and “Imagine.” I kept telling her that my brothers and I would be okay and it was okay to let go. When I heard her take her last breath, the hospice nurse walked in…

Nothing has been the same ever since. My brothers and I have been in a zombie-like state and remain in a deep and painful mourning…


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So Much ❤️ #mommachan #alwaysandforever #littledragon

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My mom was a deeply private person and when she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in March 2019, she made me and my brothers promise we wouldn’t tell anyone. She didn’t want people to fuss over her or treat her like she had a disease. As she went through chemotherapy, I watched the cancer take hold of her tiny body—she lost weight and, shortly after, she lost her hair. However, her spirit never wavered and she rarely complained she was in pain (even though I know she was).

During the last year of her life, we traveled to Monaco, Morocco and Paris and took a short trip to Tokyo. Between naps and chemotherapy, she attended school online…she was determined to finish her Masters Degree from USC in Integrated Design, Business and Technology. As her body began to fail and she began to sleep more and more, she forced herself to finish her final project which my brother recently presented online. Earlier this week, she received her degree posthumously, which makes me SO proud.

Who Is Liberte Chan? Background & Education

Liberte Chan was born and raised in Los Angeles to a Chinese mother and Caucasian father. She has two older brothers.
She grew up as a competitive figure skater and was nationally ranked in both singles and pairs.

Liberté studied meteorology at the Mississippi State University in August, 2015. She also has a master’s degree in Public Health from USC’s Keck School of Medicine, plus a certification in broadcast journalism from UCLA and a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from University of Massachusetts Amherst.

She graduated early from college, spending her last semester studying abroad at the Sorbonne in Paris, France. Liberté was born and raised in Los Angeles and grew up as a competitive figure skater and was nationally ranked in both singles and pairs.



  1. Pamela Jurich Castillo

    June 28, 2020 at 6:59 pm

    Liberte I just realized today 6/28/20 that your mother passed away I watch the 5 team 7 days a week somehow I missed this many blessings to you and your family I’m in San Pedro California born and raised!

  2. Gary mevorah

    August 19, 2020 at 10:09 pm

    Hi Liberte. I am so sorry that you lost your dear mother. Life is too short. You are such a nice, cheerful woman. And apparently a champion figure skater too. Hope to meet you someday. Your fan in Los angeles, Gary.

    • Patricia Garcia

      October 11, 2020 at 2:41 am

      Hello Liberte,

      I wanted to Congratualate you and your Fiance, I always watch you on TV on weekdays and weekends, and today Saturday Oct. 10th Mark was interviewing you and you stated that your Mana Chan passed on, I had no idea, I’m sorry for your Loss.
      I teared up i no this journey for you and your brothers is very painful, but when she was on TV she was stunning and so much Love for you and that was evident.

      Well your new journey will be very much Blessed along the side of your
      Fiance future Husband to be..

      Love Patty
      Your truly a sweet sweet woman..

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