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Dwight Howard baby mama, Melissa Rios dies



NBA star, Dwight Howard baby mama, Melissa Rios has passed away. According to Lakers center, Melissa Rios who is the mother of Dwight Howard’s 6-year-old son, cause of death was due to an epileptic seizure. She was reported to have died died nearly six weeks ago.

Speaking about the death of Melissa, Howard stated that the demise of Melissa has been one of the toughest things he have ever had to deal with..

In his words he said “It’s been one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to deal with,” “It’s really hard, especially during this time. There’s nowhere to go. Usually if things are happening, we have basketball or something to keep our minds going. But a situation like this, it’s a situation that I’ll have to deal with forever because of our child.”

Melissa Rios Photo

Howard who is currently staying with his children during the coronavirus pandemic at their home in Georgia expalined that his relationship with Melissa was just a cordial relationship and that he was literally texting Rios to invite her to stay with him in Georgia when he learned she had died.

“It was very difficult to handle,” Howard said. “It was kind of hard to process. It still is. But I did attend the funeral. There was no way that I could not be there for my son, and even for her family. I definitely would have felt like that would have been bad, because she deserves — he would deserve better if I didn’t do that.”

Reports from sources has it that Dwight and David Howard attended Rios’ funeral in Nevada and the two will remain in Georgia, where Dwight has a 20-plus acre property until things normalize enough for players to return to NBA facilities en masse.

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