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The shocking moment when a man threw a tiger loose on an avenue in Mexico



Jaripeo-style, it is how a man managed to capture a Bengal tiger that frightened some residents in the streets of Jalisco and the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) carried out an inspection of the place where the animal was.

A video circulates on social networks that shows the bravery of a subject who tied the heavy animal with a rope in the entity.

In the clip you can see the moment when at least three men run after the animal to try to grab it on the Chapala highway , where some motorists are terrified; however, one of them manages to secure the tiger.

According to the images, a man in a blue shirt and hat is the one who chases the tiger on the road in the city of Tlaquepaque and captures it.

With rope in hand and after some throws, the man in the white hat manages to catch him at the intersection of Las Rosas Avenue , according to municipal authorities in the region.

After the incident, Profepa personnel confirmed the event and announced that it will analyze that the owners of the feline have a Management Plan authorized by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) and the documentation that proves its legal origin.

Likewise, it must be in charge of checking that the specimen has a dignified and respectful treatment, based on article 119, section VII, of the General Wildlife Law (LGVS).

It must be remembered that Profepa is the body in charge of verifying the care and preservation of everything related to the environment in the country.

On the other hand, a zoo in Veracruz disclosed that a small Bengal tiger was born in good health, but was named the COVID pandemic for a reason.

Africa Bio Zoo is the zoo that gave birth to “Covid”, a small Bengal tiger, which came to the world on March 15 in that entity.

“Covid” is the fruit of two specimens that the zoo has, the mother of eight years and the father of six.

According to the first reports, it weighed 1.4 kilos and the people in charge of the place decided to give it a name related to the coronavirus pandemic , which affects several countries in the world.

At the zoo, he stated that they chose the name as a symbol of “hope” because the virus, despite being lethal, is an opportunity for humanity to reflect.

“It is a virus that came to teach us how to take care of ourselves. That it is hurting, yes, but it is teaching us to reconsider. And it is a name of hope. That is Covid, ”said Gonzalo Rodríguez, owner of the zoo.

It should be noted that the site where “Covid” was born specializes in saving animals from circuses and the people who keep them as pets.

“The mother could not get pregnant because she had a hip problem but this male managed to mount her because her weight is a little smaller, it is not that big so it was a successful reproduction.” Said Kitzia Rodriguez, a local veterinarian.

Veterinarians revealed that the cub was fed with a bottle from the moment of birth, since the mother was unable.

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