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London records 0.4 daily covid-19 infection rates, signs of things coming back to normal



London on Friday recorded just fewer than 24 new cases of covid-19 infection in a day and could be virus-free within a fortnight TheSun UK predicts.

A capital city theat recorded virtually over 213,000 cases of covid-1d each day has started seeing an emerging decrease in the number of people infected latly.

The rapid decline in the number simply shows that the number of new cases being recorded in London is now halving every 3 days, the Telegraph reported.

During the peak days of the epidemic, the number of people being infected in the capital each day stood at 213,000, and that figure fell to around 10,000 after the lockdown was imposed successfully bring hope for a new day in the country.

According to Research by Public Health England and Cambridge University suggests that the capital’s “R” reproduction rate has fallen to 0.4, down from around 2.8 before the lockdown.

About 233,151 people have so far have tested positive for Covid-19 across Britain with over 3,446 cases recorded as from Wednesday.

Although last few months saw the the capital city at one point the epicentre of the UK’s outbreak which made the governement to impose an effective lockdown rules.

The North East and Yorkshire, taken together, have the highest rate of any region, with 0.8, and are seeing around 4,320 infections a day.

Second is the North West, which is seeing 2,380 infections a day, while all other regions are seeing fewer than 1,500.

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