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Buenos Aires woman who sold her new born baby got paid with fake dollar



Buenos Aires woman Daiana Fazio (26 years old) and Gustavo Ugarte (46) sold her new born baby and was paid with fake dollar.

The 12 days old and was rescued by the police. Both parents and buyer are detained: the couple had invented that their daughter was kidnapped to cover herself.

The partner are residents of the Buenos Aires town of Carlos Spegazzini and Carolina Bakker (46) is from Villa Giardino, Córdoba province. On May 11 they agreed to meet in Cañuelas for an exchange. On that date, the couple would give the woman their newborn daughter, a baby of just 12 days, in exchange for a still unknown amount of money . The chosen place was a square located on Leandro N. Alem street, between Lara and Libertad, a few meters from the bus terminal in the Buenos Aires town.

The sale, however, never came to fruition as agreed. Today, the three adults are detained, while the baby is protected by the Córdoba authorities. The case, started in Cañuelas, is in charge of the prosecutor Lisandro Damonte.

The finding was not fortuitous: it all started with a lie.

It had been a few minutes after 6pm last Monday when Fazio and Ugarte contacted 911 to report the kidnapping of their daughter. “They stated that a few moments ago they had met a friend, who would be Carolina Bakker, and that in an oversight on the part of the mother, this lady had taken her, ” an investigation source told Infobae . The couple specified that the alleged hijacker was moving in a white Chevrolet Trucker truck with tinted windows that was driven by another woman.

The case fell on UFI No. 1 in Cañuelas, in charge of Damonte . After the complaint, the survey of security cameras in the area was ordered to track the route of the truck. Meanwhile, the parents made their statement:Fazio said they met Bakker through social media, some time before her pregnancy began, and that they have since established a friendship relationship. The woman said that after her daughter was born in the Ezeiza hospital, she invited Bakker to come meet her. It was in this context, he assured, that the “kidnapping” occurred.

A separate testimonial statement was taken from the father. The investigators noticed inconsistencies in both accounts and when investigating them again, “the mother broke and confessed that they had actually agreed to sell the baby, but at that time she repented and Bakker took it from her.” It was an alibi to cover up a negotiation that went wrong.

Fazio and Ugarte were apprehended. Police searched them and among their belongings, they found an envelope with a bundle of 32 counterfeit $ 100 bills, in addition to some pesos, which increased suspicions about the exchange of money for the baby. Those suspicions would be confirmed with the film records. The video from a security camera shows the moment when the parties make a handrail after which Bakker climbs into the truck with the creature and leaves.

Days later, Investigators found text messages on Fazio’s cell phone in which she and her partner agreed with Bakker on the date, time and method of delivery.Previous chats also reported that some time ago, the buyer had already given money for the baby. Sources in the case indicated to this media that the total value agreed upon is not known. Fazio did a Google search on the dollar that could indicate the figure, although it is not confirmed: “How much are 80 thousand dollars equivalent in pesos?”

In the following days, the Buenos Aires Police carried out raids on Spegazzini, Cañuelas and Mar del Plata homes. The Trucker’s patent number led investigators to a house in Villa Carlos Paz. There, they were attended by the owner of the vehicle, who confessed that she had been hired to make a trip and showed a record to circulate during the quarantine , a document made in the name of the driver and in favor of Bakker, as an assistant. He also gave them Bakker’s address.

So, The Cordoba Police and Villa Carlos Paz prosecutor Jorgelina Gómez went yesterday to Villa Giardino, near La Falda, where they finally found Bakker and the baby, safe and sound. In the house they found the birth certificate of the newborn, who was wearing the same clothes as at the time of the abduction.

Bakker was arrested and charged with the crime of affecting the identity of a minor, which provides for a sentence ofbetween 2 and 6 years in prison. The interprovincial extradition process has already begun between the player from Córdoba and the Court of Guarantees No. 8 in Cañuelas. After this step, it will be investigated by the prosecutor Damonte. The hired driver, however, was released, but remains linked to the cause.

In as much the parents of the minor were imputed of the crimes of false denunciation, false testimony and promotion of the suppression of identity. The latter’s penalty is3 to 10 years in prison. Both refused to testify and were transferred to a Quilmes police station.

On the other hand, for the baby, who is in “good health and with medical assistance”, a measure of shelter was ordered. The Ministry of Childhood, Adolescence and Family of Córdoba (SENAF) handed her over to a family that will take care of her until the competent Family Court of Córdoba defines her destination.

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