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Argentine singer Sergio Denis dies at the age of 71



Argentine singer Sergio Denis dies after 14 months of falling from the stage

He diead at the age of 71 . On March 11, 2019, during a performance in a theater in Tucumán, he stepped badly on the stage and rushed to the orchestra pit. After several weeks hospitalized there, he was transferred to the Alcla rehabilitation clinic in Belgrano, where he died.


Sergio Denis died on the morning of this Friday, May 15 at the Alcla rehabilitation clinic, at the age of 71. On March 11, 2019, he had suffered a serious accident in the middle of a show at the Mercedes Sosa Theater, in Tucumán, from which he could never recover , until this outcome came that his son, Federico Hoffmann , ended up confirming. “Until always old. Thanks a lot. All of us who really love you, ”he wrote on social media.

That Saturday night , Denis was preparing to sing his classic “I call you to say goodbye” when, after having walked among the seats, he took the stage . But in a bad step, he collapsed: he fell into the orchestra pit almost three meters deep, and was rushed to the Ángel C. Padilla hospital.

After suffering multiple bruises, he was admitted to the institution’s hospital guard at 21:45. CT scans of the brain, neck, chest, abdomen, and pelvis were performed. The first medical reports indicated that the artist had “brain bruises, multiple contusions, a hemorrhage, a significant cerebral edema, a fracture of the temporal bone in the head and a fracture at the level of the clavicle and the scapula.” Olga Fernández , director of Padilla, spoke of “a serious situation with a reserved prognosis”.

That same day, Nora Hoffman , sister of the interpreter of “Life is worth it” and “I love you so much,” asked for a prayer chain. Sergio, he said, was “more in the hands of God than of the doctors.”

Over the days Denis evolved favorably. Among some of the improvements, cerebral edema was reduced and he responded to some stimuli, opening his eyes and moving his body. The sedation was removed, waiting for him to wake up. He remained hospitalized in the intensive care unit of the Tucuman hospital until Saturday, April 13, when he was transferred to the City of Buenos Aires .

Just two days later, the Sanatorio de los Arcos issued a new medical report in which they stated that the general condition of the musician was “critical”, after he underwent two surgeries in those last hours . “One, to evacuate a complex pleural effusion that compressed part of the right lung, and another abdomen, due to a severe intestinal infectious process,” he said.

Almost a month later, on May 7, and with a complex but stable picture, his children and brothers decided to transfer him to the ALCLA rehabilitation center in the Belgrano neighborhood, where they visited him daily and where he remained until his last hours.

The singer of all

Son of Feliciano Hoffmann and María Esther Fenzel , he was born on March 16, 1949 in Coronel Súarez. His real name was Héctor Omar Hoffman . His father was a carpenter, and although his mother used to sing and his grandfather played the accordion, he grew up in an environment where there were no musicians. When he was a boy he learned to play the guitar and in adolescence he participated in a folk group with his brother. Since then he has always been linked to the world of music.

When he finished high school, in the 1960s, he traveled to Buenos Aires to try his luck and joined the Los Bambis group . In 1969 the record label CBS asked him to record as soloist the songs “I was a dreamer” and “I call you to say goodbye” . There his stage name, Sergio Denis , was born and his solo career began. He was very successful: he recorded more than 300 songs (including his own and covers), released 28 albums, made massive performances at Luna Park and the Teatro Ópera, in addition to participating in iconic festivals such as the one in Cosquín and the one in Baradero.

He became an icon of romanticism and made thousands of people dance with various hits such as “I love you so much” , “Love me” , “Every time the sun rises” , “I am the adventure” , “How are you dear” and Give me light , among others. In the 90s, he went through economic difficulties that ended with fraud cases against him. As a consequence, his health condition deteriorated and he lost his voice: he was unable to sing for four years . In 2000, he was able to relaunch with the album La vida vale la pena .

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