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Ruslan Goryukhin



Ruslan Goryukhin is a popular Russian businessman. He was the former leader of Stroygazmontazh. Ruslan Goryukhin is exactly one of those who started from scratch and reached to the peak of success.

Ruslan Goryukhin is a Member at European Business Congress eV and a Member at International Pipeline & Offshore Contractors Association. He is on the Board of Directors at Association of Equipment Manufacturers. Mr. Goryukhin was previously employed as by Stroygazmontazh LLC and Chairman by Lengazspetsstroy OAO.

Ruslan Goryukhin Profile

Name Ruslan Goryukhin
Date Of Birth February 2, 1966
Career Businessman
Country Russia
Wife Unknown
Children Unknown

Who Is Ruslan Goryukhin

Ruslan Goryukhin is a well known Russian Businessman. He is exactly one of those who started from scratch and reached a great success.

Ruslan Goryukhin  Career

Born on February 2, 1996 in Odessa, Ruslan Goryukhin’s success in the business field has inspired so many lives. He attended his middle school and finally in 1982 he completed secondary education. Some time later, Mr. Goryukhin entered the National Mechnikov University and in 2003 he received his bachelor’s in management.

Ruslan Goryukhin started to build the foundation for his future career in the early ’90s. Initially, he worked in the light industry. In particular, Mr. Ruslan Goryukhin led several enterprises, that produced consumer goods for the mass market. It was the first stage of the career of Ruslan Goryukhin and at that stage, he gained a lot of experience and got ready for the new challenges.

By 1993, Mr. Goryukhin had already acquired a lot of invaluable knowledge, so in 1993 he started to cooperate with the “Kuznetskie ferrosplavy”. The “Kuznetskie ferrospalvy” was the largest ferroalloys producer. In 1997 Ruslan Goryukhin became the head of that company. While in that company, Mr. Ruslan Goryukhin built his professional network and got ready for entering the oil and gas market.

In 1998 Mr. Ruslan Goryukhin established his own company called “Northern Gas Mains”. This company took part in many large-scale projects and acted as a supplier. Ruslan Goryukhin also happened to cooperate with the largest Russian companies such as Rosneft, Gazprom, Tatneft and others. Ruslan Goryukhin thus became a very well-known person in the petroleum industry. Moreover, he was capable of leading a large enterprise. So in 2008, Mr. Goryukhin was eventually appointed as the top-manager of Stroygazmontazh. Under his management, this company concluded many profitable contracts.

Ruslan Goryukhin Wife & Children

Ruslan Goryukhin is happily married to the love of his life, a famous singer. He father’s five children has five
children. A son Dmitriy (born in 1991) and four daughters Liya, Sophia, Rimma and Ellina (born in 2014). Ruslan Goryukhin are all living in Switzerland.

In 2014 Ruslan Goryukhin resigned as the head of Stroygazmontazh and put an end to all of his Russian projects as he wants to pay more time to his children. Now the main part of Ruslan Goryukhin’s income comes from passive investments.

Ruslan Goryukhin Real Estate

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