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The South African Water and Sanitation Zoom meeting suspended after a suspicious individual logged on Zoom (Picture)



The department of water and Sanitation Zoom meeting was  shutdown because of this suspicious individual who logged on Zoom the video conferencing app which was used for the meeting.

Obviously the idea of the intruder with a monstrous look was unknown., but the department where too swift enough to shutdown the meeting due to obvious reasons that it could possibly be a cyber attack.

This has gathered a much attention from the social media community with many questioning the privacy potency of Zoom on video conferencing.


Some concerned individuals on twitter requested that the department should utilize the waiting room option on Zoom. So there is control of participates entering into the meeting.

Another person said that they have been warned severally on using the app but they went further to luanch the meeting with Zoom.


Meanwhile, It was game over on Thursday last week when the virtual parliamentary committee meeting was in a similar way called to halt after the video conferencing app was hacked with pornographic images displayed from the projector meant for the meeting.

According to reports, the programming committee’s session had just started on Thursday morning when pornographic images appeared on the screen and a male voice hurled insults at Speaker.

In an in-depth revelations made by the Check Point’s threat research team said it has seen a steady rise in new Zoom domains, with 1,700 created since January, but this has ramped up in the past few days, with 425 new domains registered in the past seven days alone.

Out of these, 70 have now been identified as fake sites, which are impersonating genuine Zoom domains with the intention of capturing and stealing personal information. The numbers reinforce a trend for cyber criminals to take advantage of home working via Zoom, which is used by over 60% of the Fortune 500, and has been downloaded more than 50 million times from the Google Play app store.

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