Angel Bumpass is the 13 year-old girl found to be guilty of murdering Franklin Bonner in an attempt to rob him.

Accroding to sources who revealed the little that Bonner was the one selling marijuana to her grandmother.

She was soon charged with first-degree murder and attempted aggravated robbery.

Angel Bumpass after been found guilty and sentenced to prison. Details of post-conviction is not made available, there has been a petition on the rise demanding a fair trial for Bumpass. This is because there are claims that her lawyers, Andrea Hayduk and Garth Best, failed to present a credible character profile of Bumpass, which would show the jury that she has been an upstanding citizen and mother so far.

A concerned individual on twitter said that Bill Lee Demand a retrial for Angel Bumpass who according to her was wrongfully convicted with a life sentence – Sign the Petition!


According to Heavy, Bumpass is expected to be released in 2079, it obvious that she is not going come out of jail any sooner.

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Meanwhile there has been a petition circulating around the median and online demanding court should give her fair retrial, Bumpass was a star pupil in eighth grade. It adds that at the time she was served with a warrant for the murder, over nine years later, she was “a 23 year old mother of two, in her second year of school enrolled at Jefferson Community and Technical College.” She was set to enter a nursing program that summer.

Here is Everything You Need To Know About The Murder Of Frankline Bonner

In 2009, Franklin Bonner was found murdered in his residence. Upon returning home, his wife, Linda, found him bound to the kitchen table and chair with duct tapes. She immediately alerted her neighbor and then called the police. The case since then has seen some murky developments. The police suspected that the reason Bonner was targeted was due to his profile as a ‘lottery man’ in the neighborhood who was known to deal with money. In addition, both he and his wife also sold weed to the neighborhood in small quantities. Linda Bonner admitted this during the course of the case’s trial.

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The medical examiner declared that the cause of death was due to suffocation. This was expected as Bonner had duct tapes wrapped tightly around his head, mouth, nose, and body. Along with this, he was suspected of having endured blunt force trauma to several parts of his body.

At the time, fingerprints found from the duct tapes were run by Detective Karl Fields to reveal that it did not find any matches. This, however, would be proved wrong in the coming years. In 2016, Fields was booked on several charges of sexual harassment, coaching witnesses and tampering with evidence. This is believed to have significantly impacted the Bonner murder case as well. He was freed of all charges in 2017, as there wasn’t enough evidence to indict him.