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London nurse, Brian Beattie dies of Covid 19



Brian Beatty, Ontario nurse has died few days after showing symptom of the novel virus. Brian Beattie was a registered nurse who worked at  Kensington  village, London’s long-term care home in Ontario.

No report on whether Brian contacted the virus on duty.

In an official statement the Ontario Nurses Association described the death of Brian as a tragedy to them,  he was a well liked and respected registered nurse.

“This is a tragedy for all of us,” “Brian was a well-liked and respected registered nurse. He was the definition of dedication, and he considered his colleagues and residents to be his ‘other family.’” NA President Vicki McKenna said in a news release.

Beattie worked at Kensington Village in London, a licensed home with around 126 beds that has been experiencing an outbreak of the virus. According to the home, Beattie had been off work and seeking treatment after testing positive for COVID-19.

He is the first Ontario nurse to die of the virus, A spokesperson with the Ministry of health said.

Kensington Village in an official statement said that Brian’s death is felt deeply by residents

The statement reads below..

“This death is felt deeply by our residents and our care team, and we mourn together as a community,”

The home began dealing with an outbreak on April 3 when eight staff members tested positive.

There have been five deaths of residents, and three active cases remain.

The ONA says they are providing support to Beattie’s colleagues and that the Ministry of Labour has been contacted to investigate the circumstances of his death.

“While there will be much discussion about Ontario’s pandemic preparedness and protection of nurses and health-care workers, this is not the time for speculation,”

Tributes floods the social media

The operator of Kismutt Rescue in St. Marys, Ontario in an official Facebook post wrote

Yesterday, I lost a best friend, my first cousin, a true animal advocate, to COVID19.
We rescued so many dogs together, abused, neglected dogs. Sometimes in the dead of night. He was someone I could call at 2 in the morning and he would answer. We had secrets we would take to our grave.
So many memories, so many laughs….oh the laughs….we would nearly pi** our pants. We had the same demented humor.
We had the same likes and dislikes. He was as bold and mouthy as I am. He wouldn’t back down no matter what we had to do to rescue a dog(s).

Only 4 years older than I, we were close right from the time we were little kids. We showed horses together for years.
When I got the phone call, I was gutted. He was too young.
The animal community lost a huge advocate and I lost my best friend and cousin.

Tweeps Reacts

ONA says investigation on what led to the death of Brian Beattie will commence. No news yet about Brian Beattie’s obituary

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