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Indonesian Singer Syahrini alleged relationship scandal with Papa uncovered in a new video



Singer Syahrini is being exposed to unpleasant issues. The reason is circulating exciting video that is allegedly similar to Reino Barrack’s wife in cyberspace.

In the video, you can see the figure of a short-haired and white woman who is suspected to be Syahrini. He seemed to be doing ‘activity’ and throwing curses while facing the camera.

Shortly after the video was crowded on social media, Syahrini  uploaded the status in the form of one verse of the Qur’an. The singer of the Something uploaded his photo holding the Muslim holy book by writing verse 60 of the letter Al Mu’min (the Believer) in English.

“Pray to Me, surely I will allow it for you,” wrote Syahrini.

“What makes you think he doesn’t hear you? He hears before the words come out of your mouth, that is the power of Allah SWT, we don’t need to say anything and He already knows, “he continued.

Meanwhile, most citizens apparently believe that the woman in the video is indeed Syahrini. Because in addition to similar, vague, citizens suspect if the voices made by women in the video is the voice of Syahrini.

“Persisss are very sound,” write the @seco account *********. “The voice can’t be evaded anymore, it’s the voice of the woman with an agenda,” continued the Instagram account owner @mo ********* mar.

“This is called boomerang for tono … if it’s for karma … I’m afraid I’m the same as karma … first the marriage was bad, both of us have bad mouth. Turn on Luna as if it’s their paradise, “added the netter with the @wi ********* 84 account.

Previously, netizens were also made tantrum by the confession of a Caucasian man named Laurens who claimed to be Syahrini’s adopted father. He also shared his time together with the singer of Something on Instagram.

Until now Syahrini has not responded when asked to comment on this

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