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Australia’s first female racing editor, Caryl Williamson dies at 67



AAP Racing Editor and Australi’s first female racing editor, Caryl Williamson has passed away. Caryl’s death was announced announced today, the cause of her death was not made known to the public. Caryl was reported to have died in her sleep.

Caryl Williamson died at the age of 67.

An official statement released about Caryl Williamson death reads..

RIP Caryl Williamson, one of the greats. Still AAP turf editor at 67 when she passed away peacefully in her sleep in the last day or so. A towering figure in my time at AAP – a hard working, fun loving professional and last person standing at many social events. One of those people in life with such a distinctive personality that you can close your eyes at any time and picture them and hear them no matter how much time has elapsed since you last met.

Caryl lived for racing. She joined AAP as a casual copy taker in 984 and it was her attention to detail alongside her passion for horse racing that earned her a place on the turf desk.

Within 12 years of joing AAP, Caryl was appointed Turf Editor, a role she has filled with distintion for the pst 24 years.

Caryl Williamson is an icon of Australian racing, an instantly recognisable pat of the industry known for her reporting depth.

She has been an exceptional mentor to young reporter.

Caryl Williamson covered more than 20 Melbourne Cup carnivals and every one of Sydney’s major meetings since the early 1990s, but was just as happy on a Wednesday at Canterbury where she virtually had the mounting yard to herself.

She also covered the scandals and inquiries that make racing writing the colourful vocation it is, and led the way with her meticulous and highly praised coverage of the 2007 equine influenza outbreak.

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