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WWE Wonder!! Corbin threw Rey Mysterio and Alister black off the building during Money in the Bank last night



Speaking of dead, we’ll have to see how WWE handles the conditions of Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black. it came like bang booom last night as WWE unleashed their mayhem quit in an unexpected moves.

Everyone, Tonight was a dark day. If you watched WWE Money In The Bank, you might know that faggot Corbin threw Rey Mysterio and Alister black off the building. I would like to thank Rey and Alister for what they did to the company.

Fans all went riots and many mouths where wide open after the legendary Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black were thrown off the roof of WWE’s headquarters.


Since it was such a wild idea, you wouldn’t really expect that to happen. But thanks to the nature of the new cinematic style for the match, WWE really went for it as King Corbin tossed Rey Mysterio right off the roof of the corporate building as they were fighting for the briefcase.

For the first time ever, the unique ladder match to determine who earns a guaranteed title shot contract, the stakes were raised as both the men’s and women’s matches took place simultaneously at WWE headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut.

The 12 total men and women began the match on the ground floor of Titan Towers and battled all the way to the roof where the coveted briefcases were waiting hung up above a ring.

And it was Otis who outlasted the other five male competitors after a bonkers match that threw up surprise cameos from WWE’s past, including Doink the Clown, Brother Love and John Laurinaitis.

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