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Wuhan reportedly have 5 Covid-19 cases in 1 community today



Whuan the former epicenter of the coronavirus global pandemic has reportedly recorded a new 5 cases of covid-19.

The news of the sudden cases was reported by Claire Chen a local resident of the community, she said via her twitter page that  as of today 11 May 2020 that Wuhan city has recorde about 5  new cases  of covid-19 around 9am. At 10:18 local time , the local leader was fired. That’s another reason Wuhan’s quick to recover.

“Wuhan reported 5 #COVID cases in 1 community today around 9am. At 10:18 the local leader was fired. That’s another reason Wuhan’s quick to recover. Every leader either gets things done or gets out. Some #USA leaders would be long gone for irresponsibility if they are in China”


New cases of the novel coronavirus that emerged in the central Chinese city of Wuhan in late December are being reported daily around the world.

At least 282,500 people have died from COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, while about 4 million infections have been confirmed in at least 187 countries and territories. More than 1.4 million people have recovered to date.

 Countries that have so far confirmed coronavirus cases:

United States – 1,329,799 cases, 79,528 deaths
Spain – 224,350 cases, 26,621 deaths
Italy – 219,070 cases, 30,560 deaths
United Kingdom – 220,449 cases, 31,930 deaths
Russia – 209,688 cases, 1,915 deaths
France – 177,094 cases, 26,383 deaths
Germany – 171,879 cases, 7,569 deaths
Brazil – 162,699 cases, 11,123 deaths
Turkey – 138,657 cases, 3,786 deaths
Iran – 107,603 cases, 6,640 deaths
China – 84,010 cases, 4,637 deaths
Canada – 70,091 cases, 4,991 deaths
Peru – 67,307 cases, 1,889 deaths
India – 67,259 cases, 2,212 deaths
Belgium – 53,081 cases, 8,656 deaths

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