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Let’s write a petition – Moonchild Sanelly cries out after her song ”Askies” was taken down by SA radio stations



South African strip dancer, Moonchild Sanelly has called out SA radio stations for taking down her 2019 hit song ”Askies” which featured Jazzidisciples.

In her Instagram she wrote ..

“Dear SA radio stations!!! The way you choose to shut a woman down for celebrating our bodies and play men that talk about Ass as objects. I have something to tell u!!! How about we take videos of how the song makes us feel? That could be a start! It’s more about us.”

Moonchild Sanelly in the video she shared on her instagram page insisted that a petition should be written to the radio stations to play her song.

In her word she said..

“How many women are objectified by men in songs but you play them on radio? How many international songs that don’t celebrate women but talk about women being objectified by rappers? And now you wanna take down a song that makes every single woman whatever the size feel confident?” Moonchild asked the radio stations in question.

“So, this is my call, can we all write something to the radio stations. A petition saying play us Askies because this is a song that makes our kids confident, this is the song that makes the mothers confident,”.

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